The capability of the viscous-flow solver Star-CCM+ to simulate the flow around a ship in steady oblique motion has been studied. To obtain insight into the reliability and accuracy of the results, grid dependency studies were conducted. Local flow quantities as well as integral variables were compared to measurement values. A FPSO hull form was considered for the simulations as well as experimental assessment of the resistance and flow field at multiple oblique flow conditions. The measurements and simulations have been completed at one draft, one Froude numbers and in 7 inflow conditions (0° to 180° with 30° increments).

The measurements and predictions were made for the resistance in the inflow direction, side force and yawing moment. Additionally, the pressure and velocity distributions around the hull at multiple cross-sections are presented derived from the RANS predictions. Qualitatively, promising results are obtained. For practical purposes however, the accuracy of the results may require further improvement. For the current calculations, the predicted yaw moment is close to the measurements but the side force is under-predicted. Reasons for these discrepancies might be the neglect of trim and sinkage for the FPSO and of the insufficient grid resolution at the bow and stern. This should be studied in future research.

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