Drilling fluid plays a key role in an efficient drilling operation to minimize problems such as wellbore collapse, circulation losses and stuck pipe. Well instability problems are costly as they increase the non-productive time and the overall budget (1) (2). Well instability problems controlled by designing appropriate mud density and fluid properties that controls the well. The fracture sealing ability of a drilling fluid is one very important of the drilling mud.

This paper presents design of water-based drilling fluids and results from laboratory experiments to quantify the loss circulation performance of drilling fluids.

Because it is preferable to use oil-based muds in some well sections, the paper will also include a recent study on how to minimize losses when using oil based muds. Here uses of micro/nanoparticles have shown to reduce filtrate losses and to build barriers that are more efficient during circulation loss events.

All the tests presented are at low temperature, which is suitable for Artic environments.

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