Well integrity related to carbon dioxide injection into depleted oil and gas reservoirs can be compromised by corrosion which can affect casing, downhole and surface equipment and well cement. Impact on well cement can cause overall degradation of set cement and lead to migration of carbon dioxide back to the surface. Thus, special types of cements should be used. One of the acceptable solutions is application of cement blends based on a mixture of Portland cement and pozzolans. The present paper deals with optimization of the cement slurry design containing zeolite which is nowadays widely used due to its high pozzolan activity potential. Cement blends containing 20%, 30% and 40% zeolite clinoptilolite were used. Cement slurries were optimized for application in slim hole conditions on CO2 injection wells on Žutica and Ivanić oil fields in Croatia (Europe), where an old and deteriorated production casing was re-lined with new smaller sized one. Results obtained by this study suggest that cement slurry containing zeolite can be optimized for application in well conditions related to CO2 injection and underground storage, ranging from a slim hole to standard size casing cement jobs which leads to an improvement of well integrity related to CO2 injection.

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