This paper introduces the functionality of a new type of Autodriller software system, which can acquire downhole weight on bit (DWOB) based on surface rig measurement. Field tests are performed, including DWOB measured by downhole measuring tools and the hookload below the top drive using a TTS (Torque and Tension Sub). Three sets of drilling data from three horizontal wells in Western Canada were utilized to verify the models of this new Autodriller system. DWOB comparisons between the model and the measuring tools were carried out. The comparisons indicate a good agreement between the downhole measured DWOB and the new Autodriller predicted values. The difference between the new Autodriller prediction and downhole measured DWOB can be quantified using rooted mean square error (RMSE) or relative error (RE). This paper also analyzes the differences in some sections, and some measures are suggested to potentially reduce these differences. The new Autodriller is a closed loop control system which can automatically in real-time adjust surface weight on bit (SWOB) so that the DWOB is accurate, which will directly improve the performance of drill bits, and decrease the cost of drilling, especially in directional well drilling applications.

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