This paper will give a short overview of the path of development of the so called GICON® - Tension Leg Platform (TLP) for offshore wind turbines. The main part of the paper will provide a summary as well as insights from three different model basin tests. Furthermore, the comparison of a truss like structure (first concept) with a shell type structure (third concept) deduced from the measured results and also by comparison of the natural frequencies will be presented. Both structures were tested in wave tanks in a scale of 1:25. The results also include a focus on the overall dynamic behavior of the structure. In addition to the two 1:25 models, a 1:37 model was also tested at MARIN, utilizing the MARIN stock wind turbine. This model is also included in the comparison. Therefore the different scales are considered but the comparison is presented exclusively for wave loads as only the 1:37 model was tested under wind and wave conditions.

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