WEC-Sim (Wave Energy Converter-SIMulator) is an open-source wave energy converter (WEC) code capable of simulating WECs of arbitrary device geometry subject to operational waves. The code is developed in MATLAB/Simulink using the multi-body dynamics solver SimMechanics, and relies on Boundary Element Method (BEM) codes to obtain hydrodynamic coefficients such as added mass, radiation damping, and wave excitation. WEC-Sim Version 1.0, released in Summer 2014, models WECs as a combination of rigid bodies, joints, linear power take-offs (PTOs), and mooring systems. This paper outlines the development of PTO-Sim (Power Take Off-SIMulator), the WEC-Sim module responsible for accurately modeling a WEC’s conversion of mechanical power to electrical power through its PTO system. PTO-Sim consists of a Simulink library of PTO component blocks that can be linked together to model different PTO systems. Two different applications of PTO-Sim will be given in this paper: a hydraulic power take-off system model, and a direct drive power take-off system model.

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