This paper addresses the innovative turbine for hydrokinetic energy extraction proposed by (Fernandes and Armandei, 2014). This turbine harvests energy via torsional galloping. The turbine consists of a rectangular flat plate located vertically initially aligned with the water current and connected with a torsional spring. By changing the axis position, some experimental tests are conducted to assess the improvements on the performance of the turbine. It is observed that the optimal position for the elastic axis happens when the axis is located at 0.75 of the chord length from the leading edge. This is in accordance with the ideal axis position obtained from the Theodorsen theory reported in a PhD thesis (Armandei, 2013). Also, in order to have estimate of the performance of the turbine in the scaled-up level, a similarity analysis is made. Then the results are modified to find the estimate for the performance of the array of turbines. The comparison between the estimated power of the torsional galloping turbine and some conventional turbine types gives a general idea about how this turbine would operate in full scale.

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