This work describes the overall aspects of the Competition on Hydrodynamic Modelling of a Rigid Body, a competition outlined to evaluate different ways to model and simulate the motions of a rigid body in waves. The main objective is to determine a hydrodynamic model for a submerged horizontal cylinder which best predicts a recorded motion to a specific excitation in panchromatic waves. A blind study was performed by the competition participants, i.e., the simulation results were obtained without knowledge of the actual recorded motion of the cylinder. Only the geometry of the cylinder in solid model and the time series of the incoming waves were issued to the participants. The proposed approaches by the participants for modelling the rigid body and the fluid motions are based on the boundary-integral equation methods (potential flow theory) with additional viscous damping forces, where the drag terms are calculated either empirically or via the Navier-Stokes equation method. This paper describes the details about rationale for choice of the rigid body, the experimental tests, the competition criteria and an overview of all modelling approaches proposed by the competition participants.

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