The sea ice of China’s Bohai Sea has strongly affected the safety of the offshore structures in every winter. The ice load has become the principle load to be controlled during the design of offshore structures. In order to minimize the damages caused by sea ice, the researchers in Bohai oil field have conducted thorough studies on the ice-resistant technology, which have been tested and improved through the application in the ice-resistant test. This paper presents summarization and review on the studies and applications of the ice-resistant technology in Bohai Sea.

Based on the observation data in the past several decades, this paper recommends design environment parameters for sea ice in Bohai Sea, including ice period, ice thickness, ice speed and ice flow direction. Fundamental research on the ice loads and ice-induced vibration are introduced in this paper. The methods and results of the experimental studies and field tests for the research are illustrated systematically. Moreover, this paper reviews the application of the ice-resistant technologies and structures in Bohai oil field and discussed their respective deficiency. Meanwhile, an ice-resistant emergency case is presented to illustrate the compositions and operation mode of the emergency management system of Bohai oil field.

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