A method to produce freak waves with arbitrary spectrum in a fully directional wave basin is presented here. This is an extension of Waseda, Houtani and Tanizawa at OMAE 2013[1], which used “HOSM-WG” based on the higher-order spectral method (HOSM). We used the following three methods to improve the HOSM-WG in [1]: “separation of free waves from bound waves,” “using Biesel’s transfer function in wavenumber space” and “using Schaffer’s 2nd-order wave maker control method.” Modulational wave trains, freak waves in unidirectional irregular waves and freak waves in short-crested irregular waves were generated in a wave basin. The experimental results using the improved HOSM-WG were compared to the HOSM simulation, and good agreements were found. The effectiveness of the improved HOSM-WG was ascertained. We showed that the difference between HOSM-WG and HOSM simulations became larger as wave steepness, frequency bandwidth of the spectrum or directional spreading became larger.

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