The local properties of freak waves, such as geometry and particle velocities, are still to be investigated and are essential in the limit state design of ships or offshore structures. We have focused on two factors for this research. The first is nonlinearity higher than 3rd order since local steepness around freak waves will be large. The 4th order nonlinearity deforms a perturbed regular wave like a crescent and also causes a longitudinal asymmetry that means that the shape of the wave is asymmetrical in the propagation direction. The second is higher wavenumber components that will increase particle velocities. We tried to research the effects of these two factors on freak waves with Higher Order Spectral Method. Consequently, a crescent shape and longitudinal asymmetry in freak wave shape were found. In addition, higher wavenumber components increased the maximum horizontal velocity of freak waves significantly. These results show that the 4th order nonlinearity and higher wavenumber components are important for local freak wave kinematics, as well as for determining structural impacts, the motion of floating objects, and wave breaking.

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