Various emission control measures have been introduced in the recent years for improving vessel performance in the shipping industry. That consists of: Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) and Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI) for all ships. These emission control measures enforce the shipping industry to improve operational conditions and to implement modern technology for more energy efficient shipping fleets. Therefore, this study presents preliminary data analysis of a selected vessel for monitoring its performance along the ship routes. The results consist of observing vessel performance under several navigation parameters: ship GPS speed (i.e. speed over the ground), log speed, course, fuel consumption, main and auxiliary engine power, main engine shaft RPM, loading and draft conditions with respect to the route, voyage time and wind conditions. Furthermore, these parameters have been used to analyze potential and optimal energy usage situations in ship navigation with respect to the EEOI, in which represents an important part of the SEEMP.

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