Nowadays, with the higher voice of ship energy saving and emission reduction, the research on energy efficiency management is particularly necessary. Energy efficiency management and control of ships is an effective way to improve the ship energy efficiency. In this paper, according to the new clean propulsion system configurations of 5000 tons of bulk carrier, the energy efficiency management control strategy of the clean propulsion system is designed based on the model of advanced brushless doubly-fed shaft generator, propulsion system using LNG/diesel dual fuel engine and energy consumption of the main engine for reducing energy consumption. The simulation model of the entire propulsion system and the designed control strategy were designed. The influence of the engine speed on the ship energy efficiency was analyzed, and the feasibility of the energy efficiency management control strategies was verified by simulation using Matlab/Simulink. The results show that the designed strategies can ensure the power requirement of the whole ship under different conditions and improve the ship energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

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