The seabed topography near small islands is usually in rugged state, and the water depth can be changed from tens of meters to a few meters in a short distance. Far field waves advancing towards the shore will experience a complex evolution on the shoal. In this environment, the hydrodynamic responses of a floating structure will be largely affected by the non-uniform wave pattern and changeable seabed, and might be quite different from the general responses of a platform in waves with uniform water depth. In this paper, a coupling hydrodynamic model of floating structures and reef topography was established; the incident wave force, diffraction force, radiation hydrodynamic coefficients, motions of a floating structure were calculated. The model was validated by comparing the predicted results with that of model tests. It is indicated that complex seabed topography has a significant influence on the hydrodynamic responses of the floating structure. Moreover, the motions are increased obviously in certain wave periods, with reference to that in far field waves.

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