Numerical modelling and hydrodynamic analysis of single-hinged and double-hinged articulated tower are carried out. A single-hinged articulated tower (SHAT) is designed and modelled in AQWA and response in the time domain and frequency domain for the selected degrees of freedom has been studied. For double-hinged articulated tower (DHAT) an intermediate hinge is introduced and the response of the same is analysed. A comparative study between SHAT and DHAT response is carried out through the work. Also the influence of buoyancy chamber size on SHAT response has been investigated in the work. The entire analysis is done assuming the body is behaving rigidly. From the analysis, it is concluded that the maximum tip displacement of double-hinged articulated tower (DHAT) is increased by 40% compared to single-hinged articulated tower (SHAT) in random waves. The maximum tip displacement of double-hinged articulated tower increases by 2.3 times if the position of the intermediate hinge is raised by 5% (11 m above from the primary position). The natural frequency of SHAT increases by 22% and maximum hinge rotation by 14% if the outer diameter of buoyancy chamber is increased by 20% from primary dimension although in terms of its numerical value these are fairly small.

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