Hull form had been unavoidably optimized for a single speed condition, normally a contract speed at design draft in the past many years due to various reasons such as limited design period, less advanced data processing capacity of a computer and so on. For this reason, for maximizing present ship’s operating efficiency, additional analysis relevant to resistance performance for slow steaming condition is newly required since the original hull form for this study also was developed about 10 years ago.

In this paper, the resistance performances corresponding to various trim conditions are investigated not only for ship’s original contract speed (Fn: 0.255) but for slow speed (Fn: 0.163∼0.183) by slow steaming.

Through this study, it can be accomplished to identify the optimum trim condition meeting the objectives of ship operator. Further to the trim optimization, bulbous bow shape renovation was carried out for off design condition (Fn:0.173) and both of CFD results, one is from an original bulbous bow shape, the other is from a reformed bulbous bow shape by us, are compared each other to identify the concrete reason for the improvement of resistance performance.

Commercial CFD code of the STAR-CCM+ was utilized to evaluate the ship’s resistance performance on a 6,800 TEU container ship. To validate of the effectiveness of Starccm+, the experimental result of the subject hull form is referred and compared with the result from STAR-CCM+.

Form factor prediction method by CFD that is based on extracting form pressure resistance component from difference of two different computational domains is presented. In this study, it is investigated to compare the form factor calculated by CFD with the model test result. This approach allows hull form designer to calculate a form factor corresponding ship’s trim variation by CFD in order to separate total resistance into wave making resistance and viscous resistance for more accurate effective power prediction.

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