In off-shore wind turbine, it is difficult to determine the risk of accident caused by the mooring destruction through experiment. In this paper, the authors discuss the risk, with the case of a drifting ship wanders into the wind farm. In the design of a floating offshore wind turbine (FOWT), drift of a FOWT is considered as a serious failure mode and the mooring system must be designed to avoid the failure. The failure of mooring line is not initiated just by extreme environmental load but can be initiated by collision with a drifting ship, which enters the wind farm. This phenomenon is difficult to investigate by a tank experiment. So far, little knowledge exists about the phenomenon. In this research, a simulator to reproduce the collision process of a FOWT and a drift ship and a progressive drift of FOWTs in a wind farm was developed. Using this simulator and statistics of drift incidents of a ship, a procedure to evaluate risk of progressive drifts in a wind farm was established. In that case, second accident that a wind turbine which has started drifting caused by the drifting ship collides with one another wind turbine is expected. As a result, the risk mainly depends on the risk of drifting caused by a large displaced ship. In addition, the risk partly depends on the arrangement of wind farm.

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