This article describes a comprehensive study in which 2D and 3D physical modelling at 1:40 scale was used to optimize the design and validate the performance of dynamically stable rock berms to be used for stabilizing several large pipelines traversing water depths from 5m to 65m and potentially exposed to large waves and strong currents generated by intense tropical cyclones. For added realism, all of the model rock berms were constructed using a scaled simulation of rock installation by fall pipe vessel to be used in the field. Special attention was also given to simulating the self-stability of the model pipeline segments, including special end constraints designed to mimic the behaviour of a continuous pipeline. A large data set concerning the behaviour of dynamically reshaping rock berms in a range of water depths under intense hydrodynamic forcing due to three-dimensional waves and currents was produced and used to develop efficient and cost-effective rock berm designs for all depth zones.

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