The objective of this paper is to present recent work in the development of a method for the strength assessment of offshore jacket structures subject to storm loading that is consistent across all global offshore regions.

Recent developments in the application of response based metocean analysis together with the establishment of a standardized structural reliability model has resulted in an assessment method that can be applied in a consistent manner to all fixed jacket structures in all global regions. Applying this method in the “assessment” stage of the SIM process, as published by API and ISO, would aid global standardization of both the assessment methods and the performance criteria.

The assessment methods have evolved over the last 3 years and have been subject to application and testing on several projects involving the assessment of existing offshore jacket structures. They have proven to be capable of discriminating between the differing extreme environments and differing evacuation and unmanning procedures that occur in different regions while being compatible with existing approaches to structural integrity. The paper will describe the standardized structural reliability model and provide examples of load factors for pushover and pushdown analysis for fixed steel offshore platforms that have a storm load capacity that is sensitivity to topside load and wave-in-deck load.

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