As the focus of the structural design, the form and dimension of components in the mid-ship section reflect the general characteristic of the whole ship, thus playing a significant role in the weight and structural strength of the whole ship. However, traditional deterministic methods of structural strength assessment will bring excessive safety margin, which will lead to excessive weight of ship structure. In this paper, the optimization model was built in view of ship longitudinal bending strength reliability analysis by MATLAB software. With the information of wave loads forecast and that of the section bending strength, the failure probability was obtained. Objective function was the weight of mid-ship section, and optimization variables were the size of sectional components, and the constraints were reliability index and component size limits were required by relevant norms. Combined with the optimization model, genetic algorithm toolbox integrated in MATLAB was applied to study mid-ship section optimization. Results of the examples showed that in the case that the limiting conditions were satisfied, the weight of mid-ship section was reduced to a certain extent, which meant that this method was effective for mid-ship section optimization.

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