This paper aims to investigate the dynamic behavior of the large ship propulsion system subjected by hull deformation. Evident tendency of development of large scale ships was shown that the interaction between the propulsion shaft and ship hull becomes much severer than before. The excited forces caused by severe sea waves have considerable effects on the hull deformation which could have further impact on the shaft propulsion system. On the contrary, the operation quality of ships and the durability of machines are threatened by the malfunctions of shaft propulsion system. As a result the reliability of the vessels has been put in an important position by the companies and the governments all over the world. For scientists, investigating the dynamic behavior of the propulsion system subjected by the hull deformation is a meaningful research to avoid malfunction of machine in navigation. Numerical analysis is now an effective method to analyze some key components on large vessels. Taking the 8530TEU container as an example, a numerical model of the large ship propulsion-hull coupling system is presented in this paper to analyze the dynamic behavior of the ship propulsion system subjected by hull deformation. The hull deformations are obtained under different sea conditions as the exciting forces which are used on the coupling system. Then the dynamical responds of the ship shaft are obtained. Based on the results, suggestions are proposed to ensure the normal operation of the propulsion system in different sea conditions.

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