A wealth of Gulf of Mexico hurricane wind and wave data has been measured in recent years. We have constructed a database that combines HURDAT storm track information with NDBC buoy data for the years 1978–2010. HURDAT contains 141 storms for that period of which 67 had measured significant wave heights greater than 5 m. Industry measurements in Hurricanes Camille, Lili, Ivan, Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike have been added to the buoy data. We have used this data base to study the relationships between wind and wave parameters in hurricanes. Specifically, we have calculated regressions and equal probability contours for significant wave height and peak spectral periods, first and second moment periods, wave height and Jonswap gamma values, wind speeds and wave heights, and wave and wind directions. All of these calculations have been done for azimuthal quadrants of the storm and radial distances near and far from the storm center.

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