The crashworthiness of ship side structures should be taken into consideration during the structural design phase. When a ship is struck by a head-on collision, the main participants of the side structures include outer plating, longitudinal girders, transverse frames and the stiffeners attached on them. This paper is centered on establishing an integrated deformation mechanism program by identifying the theoretical deformation modes of the side structures, including the plating and stiffeners. The primary failure models of plating structures are the crushing, stretching and tearing modes, and a new crushing model of side plating structures subject to an ellipsoid-shaped indenter is proposed. As for the stiffeners on outer plating, the smeared thickness method is often used, but the role of the stiffeners cannot be traced clearly during the deformation process and the structural performance predictive accuracy may not be guaranteed. Therefore, a theoretical model of stiffeners is established in this paper, on purpose of providing deep insight of the deformation mechanism with reasonable accuracy. The expressions of resistance force of the side structures are also derived based on a study of the progressive deformation process of numerical simulation results and the plastic analytical methods.

The accuracy of the analytical method is verified by numerical simulations using code LS_DYNA. The proposed analytical method can be used for quick assessment of the performances of ship side structures during ship collision.

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