Semi-submersible floating structures might be an attractive system to support wind turbines and wave energy converters (WECs) in areas with abundant wind and wave energy resources. The combination of wind turbines and WECs may increase the total power production and reduce the cost of the power.

A concept of a semi-submersible with a 5 MW horizontal axis wind turbine combined with three flap-type WECs is presented in this paper. The concept is named as Semi-submersible Flap Combination (SFC). The WECs of the SFC are inspired by an optimized bottom-fixed rotating flap-type wave energy absorber. Each WEC of SFC includes an elliptical cylinder, two supporting arms, a rotational axis and a power take off (PTO) system.

A time domain numerical modeling method for the SFC is presented. The numerical model is using the state-of-the-art code Simo/Riflex/Aerodyn. Linear rotational damping is introduced to model the effects of the PTO system. The choice of a PTO damping coefficient and of the mass of the elliptical cylinders has a significant effect on the power generated by the WECs. Such effects have been addressed and discussed in the paper through a sensitivity study.

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