In the present study, numerical simulations of oscillatory flow over a rippled bottom, coupled with bed and suspended sediment transport, as well as the resulting morphology evolution, are performed. The simulations are based on the numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equations and the advection-diffusion equation for the suspended load, while empirical formulas are used for the bed load. The bed morphological evolution is obtained by the numerical solution of the conservation of sediment mass equation. A fractional time-step scheme is used for the temporal discretization, while finite differences are used for the spatial discretization on a Cartesian grid. The Immersed Boundary method is implemented for the imposition of fluid and sediment boundary conditions on the ripple surface. Two types of ripples are examined, i.e., ripples of parabolic shape with sharp crests and sinusoidal ripples, and cases of ripple length to orbital motion amplitude ratio of 1.6 and ripple height to orbital motion amplitude ratios of 0.16, 0.20 and 0.24, at Reynolds number equal to 5×103. The effect of ripple steepness and ripple shape on suspended sediment and ripple migration is discussed.

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