A new concept floating breakwater was developed and tested to evaluate its hydrodynamic performance in this paper. This innovative floating breakwater has a rocking body shape which could also be used as a wave power device. A scale model was tested in a wave flume under regular and irregular wave conditions for various combinations of wave frequencies and wave heights. The breakwater has been tested for three immersion depths of 0.05 m, 0.09 m and 0.13 m from still water level. The measured transmitted and reflected waves were used to evaluate the coefficients of transmission (CT), reflection (CR) and dissipation (CL). The results illustrated that the breakwater model performed at its best when submerged at 0.13m, as this immersion depth produced lower coefficients of transmission (CT), lower reflection coefficients (CR) and higher energy dissipation (CL) coefficients. The comparison between regular and irregular waves produced similar ranges of transmission, reflection and energy coefficients.

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