Since there is an evident tendency of development of large scale ships, the interaction between the propulsion shaft and ship hull becomes severe due to the tremendously increased ship size. As a result the reliability of the vessels has been put in an important position by the companies and the governments all over the world. The excited forces caused by severe sea waves have considerable effects on the hull deformation which could have further impact on the shaft propulsion system. This paper aims to investigate the coupling dynamics between the large ship propulsion system and hull subjected by sea wave in 2-dimensional circumstance. To look into the coupling mechanism between the ship propulsion shaft, hull and sea waves, a 2-dimensional novel model of large ship propulsion-hull coupling system is presented in this work to analyze the dynamic interactions of the ship propulsion system and hull. According to the dynamic equations of the coupling model, the dynamical responses of the ship shaft and hull are obtained under different stiffness of the support bearings. The analysis indicates that choosing the suitable stiffness of bearings have an important effect on the coupled system.

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