Drilling derrick, acting as one of the most important structures in Jack-up Rig, is designed to accommodate drilling machines like top drive, utility winches and so on. According to the requirement of API Spec. 4F, the accuracy of the standard design ratings of each structure shall be tested by proof loading or a computer model such as Finite Element Analysis. Therefore, this thesis utilizes Finite Element Analysis software, ANSYS, to verify the design of derrick structure for CPOE-16 (No. 16 jack-up rig for China National Petroleum Offshore Engineering) jack-up based on API 4F [1], AISC Allowable Stress Design [2] and ABS MODU rules [3]. The permanent loads, live loads (variable functional loads), environmental loads (mainly wind loads) and dynamic loads will be included in the total derrick structure strength calculation with the purpose of verifying the security and reliability in all required conditions by rules and regulations. Furthermore, on the basis of analytical result, the authors focused on the adverse beams provide an optimization solution by improving the section of beams for reducing the distortion, and ultimately deal with the distorted problem.

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