Extreme wave impacts on the decks of offshore structures with insufficient air gap may cause damage or even collapse with safety, economic, and pollution consequences. In this study, the impact loads on a fixed platform deck have been predicted numerically by employing a Navier-Stokes solver with the free-surface captured by the volume of fluid (VOF) method. 3D numerical simulations of wave-deck interactions for long-crested extreme waves were performed. The simulations successfully captured the evolution of impact loads and free surface of the waves during the interaction with the platform deck. A detailed parametric analysis of wave-deck interactions showed significant differences in loads under various situations and confirmed the large magnitudes of the loads to be expected during impact. The results presented include a solid box and a more realistic case of under-deck beams. These provide a useful benchmark for predicting wave loadings on platform decks and through this research programme the longer term aim is to establish improved guidelines for assessing the risk of existing structures.

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