The conceptual design of floating ship shape platform for well maintenance, survey and workover in prospective fields of Russian Arctic and Sakhalin Island shelf (further The platform) was developed by Krylov State Research Centre specialists with the assistance of CDB “Korall”. The platform under design intended for operation in the Arctic conditions and designed to resist the ice formations such as continuous thin first-year ice and broken ice being the first one in the world practice. The form and chosen hull ice strengthening class allow ensuring safe operation in the mentioned ice conditions.

The main purpose for development of the platform was to minimize the offshore wells downtime providing the cost effective way for maintenance of subsea production systems comparing with floating drilling rigs and drilling vessels that takes a significant investment. The economic assessments have shown that operation of such platform will cost two to three times less than renting of a rig or drillship. Having the working deck space of about 1,000 m2 and the ability to download a variety of equipment the platform can perform a variety of testing and wells repairing procedures both for underwater wellhead and for wells operated on fixed platforms.

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