In the case of a floating offshore plant such as FPSO (Floating, Production, Storage, and Off-loading unit), many equipment should be installed in the limited space, as compared with an onshore plant. At this time, special conditions, such as the movement due to external force by wind and wave, salt content, and so on, should be also considered because the floating offshore plant should be operated in the special environment of ocean. The requirement for an optimal layout method of the plant has been raised due to much considerations for layout design. Thus, a layout method of the floating offshore plant was proposed in this study. For this, an optimization problem for layout was mathematically formulated, and then an optimization algorithm was implemented based on the genetic algorithm or mixed integer linear programming in order to solve it. To evaluate the applicability of the proposed method, it was applied to an example of FPSO and LNG FPSO topsides. As a result, it was shown that the proposed method can be applied to layout design of the floating offshore plant.

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