Dynamic responses of a heavy cycloidal object hanged by a large floating crane in the process of immersing into waves were studied experimentally and numerically in this paper. A floating crane with displacement of 14000t was selected as the reference. A model with the scale of 1:20 was conducted in a towing tank. The movement responses and forces of the heavy cycloidal object in the process of immersing in waves were researched.

Ocean engineering construction is always affected significantly by waves, so the selection of a shield to attenuate incoming waves is an important aspect for ocean engineering construction. The sea condition in our project is 3-state sea condition; it’s not an acceptable condition for real construction considering safety of crews and the ability of equipments. So an effective floating breakwater validated experimentally in a towing tank in our project was proposed as effective shields. The steel cylinder lifted by a floating crane in the process of water-entering was experimented, the movements of the steel cylinder and the subjected forces of the hoist were recorded; the effects of different shields on the responses of steel cylinder with different depth in water were studied. Numerical simulations of the motion of steel cylinder subjected to waves in the process of immersing were conducted to illustrate the effects of headings. The basis of model design, model-making and measurement methods are also introduced in this paper. The results are translated into full scale results which will be the basis for safety construction of ocean engineering and measurement proposed for accurate positioning and installation of the steel cylinder.

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