In this paper, we addressed the qualitative consequences on uncertainty for the execution of a inclining test of a Semi-submergible platform with mooring system and risers at production site and compared the results to the ones taken from typical inclining test procedures at sheltered waters, as defined by ASTM F1321. To accomplish that, we applied Uncertainty Analysis according to ISO procedures, by evaluating propagation of uncertainties from the measurements until the final calculations. We discussed the use of measurement devices for the variables of concern and performed some numerical simulations to address the mooring system restoring effects and its implications on uncertainty analysis. We used data from two semi-subs with different displacements and found small influence on final uncertainty from the addition of mooring system and risers. At end, we discussed how new technologies on data acquisition and filtering of signals can become an important tool to help in the safety of the offshore floating production units, by facilitating the verification of the updated center of gravity of them after important interventions.

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