Tank containers are widely used to transport a variety of liquid goods such as food products, oil, and different kinds of fuel including liquefied natural gas. Due to the unpredictable dynamic behavior of partially filled tank containers, regulations limit the containers to be either almost full (> 80%) or almost empty (< 20%), when handled by cranes. In order to provide arguments to ease these restrictions, the system is analyzed and control methods for assisting the crane operator are proposed. We deduce a very accurate and computationally favorable mathematical description of the coupled crane and fluid dynamics. The fluid is modeled by a potential flow approach resulting in a low dimensional approximation of the liquid dynamics. Coupling the fluid dynamic model with the load system model of a container crane leads to a nonlinear formulation of the overall system. The state estimation algorithm exclusively relies on the measured rope forces as well as the known motion parameters of the trolley and the rope winches. A nonlinear state feedback controller based on sliding modes for underactuated systems provides a stabilizing control signal for the system. Experimental results for validation of the model, the observer, and the control design are included.

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