MARINET (Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network) is an EC-funded marine renewable energy infrastructure initiative which seeks to accelerate the development and commercial deployment of marine renewable energy technologies — wave, tidal & offshore-wind — by streamlining the testing process. World-class research centers and organizations are coming together in a network to offer periods of free-of-charge access to their world-class testing facilities and to develop a joint approach to testing standards, testing research and industry training & networking.

The growing network, with more than 30 full and associate partner research centers, has over 40 specialist marine research facilities covering all scales from laboratory to sea. It is spread across 11 EU countries and international partner countries such as Brazil, Taiwan, Canada and the US.

This paper outlines what MARINET is, what it has already achieved at the half-way point in the initiative, where it is going and who can benefit now and in the future.

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