An Oscillating Wave Surge Converter (OWSC) is a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that consists of a bottom-hinged flap which oscillates due to wave action. Extensive research has been performed on this type of WEC through small scale experimental wave tank tests. One of the key challenges of experimental testing is replicating the characteristics of the Power Take-Off (PTO) system of the equivalent full scale WEC. Many scale models rely on simplified mechanical designs to simulate a PTO system. This can often restrict the experimental research into the influence of PTO design and control strategies of WECs. In order to model PTO systems and control strategies more accurately other tools are needed. This paper describes the design and build of a PLC controlled Force Feedback Dynamometer (FFD) system that enables the testing of more sophisticated control strategies applicable to an OWSC through fast application of a variable PTO damping torque. A PLC system is shown to be a viable control for PTO strategy investigations through velocity triggered damping levels. Examples of both PTO and position control strategies are presented.

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