In this paper, dynamic response analysis of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) with Spar-type floating foundation is presented. The FOWT mounts a 100kW down-wind turbine, and is grid-connected. It was launched at sea on 9th June 2012, and moored on 11th for the purpose of the demonstration experiment. During the experiment, the FOWT was attacked by severe typhoon events twice. Among them, Sanba (international designation: 1216) was the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide in 2012. The central atmospheric pressure was 940 hPa when it was close to the FOWT, and the maximum significant wave height of 9.5m was recorded at the site. In this paper, the dynamic responses of the platform motion, the stresses at the tower sections and the chain tensions during the typhoon event, Sanba (1216), have been analyzed, and compared with the measured data. Through the comparison, validation of the numerical simulation tool (Adams with SparDyn developed by the authors) has been made.

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