It is of interest to investigate the potential advantages of floating vertical axis wind turbine (FVAWT) due to its economical installation and maintenance. A novel 5MW vertical axis wind turbine concept with a Darrieus rotor mounted on a semi-submersible support structure is proposed in this paper. In order to assess the technical and economic feasibility of this novel concept, a comprehensive simulation tool for modeling of the floating vertical axis wind turbine is needed.

This work presents the development of a coupled method for modeling of the dynamics of a floating vertical axis wind turbine. This integrated dynamic model takes into account the wind inflow, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, structural dynamics (wind turbine, floating platform and the mooring lines) and a generator control. This approach calculates dynamic equilibrium at each time step and takes account of the interaction between the rotor dynamics, platform motion and mooring dynamics. Verification of this method is made through model-to-model comparisons. Finally, some dynamic response results for the platform motion are presented as an example for application of this method.

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