The paper reports on recent full scale experimental tests with The Ventilated Trouser (VT), a novel device for VIV suppression of cylindrical structures exposed to external fluid flow. The VT suppressor is a loose fitting sleeve in the form of a light flexible net with integral bobbins in a special arrangement (Fig 1). It is omni-directional, rugged, and made from materials compatible with the offshore environment.

The tests reported here, originated in an invitation from Statoil to test the VT on a slick riser section. They were undertaken at Marintek, Norway, with a 0.53m diameter riser in current velocities up to 2.3m/s, equivalent to post-Critical Reynolds Numbers of up to 1.2 × 106.

The VT suppressed the maximum VIV amplitude of the slick joint by over 90%. This was consistent with the suppression performance of the VT from previous tests with model risers varying in size from 0.1m diameter to 0.3m diameter.

The test results suggest the VT is a candidate suppressor fully capable of competing with conventional suppression devices.

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