Small-scale field tests on a monopod suction pile with and without the detachable penetration apparatus (DPA) and tripod suction buckets have been performed. One of the objectives of the field tests was to identify the capability of the DPA at small-scale and to obtain useful information for planned future full-scale field tests. The DPA which has been developed to control and increase the accuracy of the verticality of monopod suction piles during installation. In addition, it can also contribute to increase the penetration force under certain conditions. Included in this paper are the details of the small-scale field tests, including the site conditions, suction pile details, DPA details, installation, instrumentation equipment, and test results. Results indicate that the tripod suction buckets have a significant advantage over the monopod suction pile for verticality control and that the newly developed DPA is fully capable of enhancing the verticality control of the monopod suction pile during installation.

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