To mount service modules in a flexible manner on offshore platforms twistlock systems are used. If the application is not in accordance with standard conditions the existing regulations are not sufficient. Therefore new regulations with appropriate dimensioning equations must be generated. The results of the OMAE 2013 paper “Assessment of Container Mountings in Modular Offshore Platform Designs for Arctic Regions” are applied in this paper to reach such equations.

The stress on twistlocks which mount standard containers to the offshore platform deck in arctic regions depends on roll angle of the offshore platform and friction coefficient — depending on temperature — and is analyzed by regression analysis in this paper. The results show that a local twistlock system can be used to simplify the calculation.

Also the application of a crane module is simulated. The regression analysis is divided into two parts — the cone and the base of the twistlock: these parts take most of the load again depending on roll angle and friction coefficient.

The result of this paper consists of dimensioning equations for these two different applications of twistlock systems in arctic regions.

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