In this paper the computational problem examined is the impulsive start of a two-dimensional flat-plate hydrofoil at a fixed angle of attack. The method applied is an equally-spaced lumped-vortex panel method. The results from a lumped-vortex wake model and a shed-vortex sheet wake model are reported. Comparisons with the linear theory of Wagner (1925), the theoretical results associated with the single lumped-vortex wake model and the full wake model are presented. In addition, it is shown that the computational predictions are consistent with results reported by Katz and Plotkin (2001); they applied a distribution of vortices to model the wake. In the present paper the importance of resolving the chordwise pressure distribution in unsteady hydrofoil problems is elucidated. New predictions of both the evolution of lift and induced drag are reported for the instantaneously started flat plate. The computational predictions are compared with theorecticalpredictions also discussed in this paper.

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