This paper studies the heave of Spar platform hull considering the moonpool water motion. The moonpool of Spar platform is a central opening throughout the cylindrical hull and the guide plate is installed at the bottom of it. If the risers in the moonpool are supported by the tensioner at the top, then the mass of the water in the moonpool is comparable to the platform hull mass and the effect of moonpool water on the platform motion is significant. Gupta et al. (2008) studied the effect of moonpool water on the heave of the Spar platform. In their work the added mass and wave loading are calculated by the Morison approach. The Spar platform is large scale structure. In this paper, the wave loading of platform hull is calculated by potential flow theory and the coupled motion of hull heave and moonpool water is studied. It is found that the hull heave motion will be decreased when the moonpool water motion is considered. The hull heave RAO appears two peaks for the large opening area of guide plate, and the higher heave is exhibited when the wave period is near the natural period of moonpool water vertical vibration.

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