In this paper, a numerical approach for predicting sloshing or roll-stabilization effects is proposed. A 3D non-linear time domain seakeeping code, MOTSIM, was coupled with a commercial CFD code (Flow-3D) and used to predict roll stabilizing performance of an unconventional U-tube tank installed in an oceanographic vessel. The codes were fully coupled and thus provided coupled effects of the external flow field and the motion of the fluid with a free surface inside the anti-roll tank on the ship motion in six degrees of freedom. MOTSIM is a well validated code that has been proven to provide accurate motion prediction for various vessels. The CFD code allows for modeling of complex tank geometry as well as detailed investigation of locations in the tank where severe loads might be experienced. Comparisons of the simulation results with experimental data showed good agreement and significant effects of the anti-roll tank on decreasing the ship’s roll motion. This study also demonstrated the coupled code’s potential use for any type of sloshing problems including the design of roll-stabilization tanks and LNG carriers.

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