As we know, the Liwan3-1 gas field is the first deepwater gas field with water depth 1480m in the Southern China Sea. The seabed temperature is only 3–4 °C. Moreover, the complex of the gas oil and water multiphase flow, seabed hypsographic feature and operation activities etc., bring a series of problems to subsea transportation system, such as solid formation (hydrate, wax), severe slug flow in deep water riser, multiphase flow corrosions and solid particle’s erosion etc. This paper briefly summarizes the typical flow assurance innovation technologies related to the Liwan3-1 gas field, include the layout of Liwan3-1 deepwater subsea production system, the dual-pipe 79km-length subsea tied back system design, the hydrate forecast and control technology, slug forecast-control and pigging method for the subsea tied back system along the slope, the gas recycle system design for low production rate. Also, the potential gas field development and flow management technologies are also discussed in this paper.

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