In this work, the response of a 2.5″ flexible pipe to combined and pure axisymmetric loads is studied. A set of experimental tests was carried out and the results obtained are compared to those provided by a previously presented finite element model. The pipe was firstly subjected to pure tension. After that, the response to torsion superimposed with tension combined or not with internal pressure and the response to internal pressure combined with tension were investigated. In all these cases, the induced strains in the tensile armors were measured. Moreover, the axial elongation of the pipe was monitored in the pure tension test, whilst the twist of the pipe was measured when torsion was imposed and the axial reaction force was monitored when internal pressure was applied. The experimental results obtained agreed very well with the theoretical estimations indicating that the response of the pipe to tension and internal pressure is linear, whilst its response to torsion is nonlinear due to friction between layers.

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