The disconnectable Floating Production Storage and Offloading system (FPSO) is one of the preferred solutions for the deepwater field in the harsh environment and far away from existing pipeline infrastructures. This paper presents a design of steel lazy wave riser (SLWR) system for an internal turret moored disconnectable FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico. The integrated systems of FPSO, disconnectable buoy, riser, and mooring are discussed while focusing on the design challenges of SLWR system. Due to the complexity of SLWR geometry, a systematic configuration approach is introduced based on buoy payload and riser performance criteria. The study includes the strength and fatigue analysis of production, gas export and water injection risers for the connected, disconnecting, and disconnected conditions. The sensitivity of buoy disconnecting due to vessel offset is also presented. It concludes that SLWR with disconnectable FPSO is a feasible and cost effective solution for deepwater field development in the Gulf of Mexico. The study demonstrates the importance of an integrated design approach, and provides guidance for configuring and design of future disconnectable systems with SLWRs.

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