An experiment using a 1/70 reduced scale model of a Free Standing Riser (FSR) was carried in the Deep-Sea Basin of the National Maritime Research Institute in Japan. For instance, the model’s vertical pipe was about 32m long and the jumper was about 8m long. The FSR model had several measurement stations attached along the vertical pipe, subsurface buoy and jumper; and the motion of each station was measured in 3D by the Visual Measurement System. During the experiment, the effects of the jumper’s top end oscillation on the whole system were investigated. In this case, the top oscillation had propagated along the jumper; however the top oscillation had a reduced effect on the dynamics of the subsurface buoy and vertical pipe. In another experimental case, a current was generated in order to investigate the Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) on the FSR’s Subsurface Buoy. The VIM experiment was repeated for two different buoy models (a smooth cylinder and a cylinder with 3-start heli-coidally strakes) and the results were compared. In this article, some of the experimental results are presented and discussed.

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