Pipelines may be subject to ground movement events or external interference that imposes axial and moment loading into the pipeline. This system demand may cause localized deformation mechanisms to develop, that may be observed as local wrinkling or buckling of the pipe wall. The local buckle amplitude may increase with continued external loading and may fracture due to low cycle fatigue failure caused by operational conditions.

There exists limited data and engineering guidance on the mechanical performance of energy pipelines with a local wrinkle or buckle. The literature suggests the fatigue service life can be significantly reduced by the presence of local wall deformation mechanisms.

In this study, continuum numerical modelling procedures are developed to assess the influence of pipeline damage in the form of a local wrinkle or buckle on the low-cycle fatigue life. The simulation tool is calibrated from the available literature and a parametric study is conducted to examine the influence of wrinkle bend radius, pipe wall thickness, cyclic displacement amplitude, material grade and constitutive models on the pipe mechanical performance.

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