Sandwich pipes (SP) can be an effective solution for ultra-deepwater submarine pipelines, combining high structural resistance with thermal insulation. Most research work on this subject has been conducted at the subsea technology laboratory (LTS) of COPPE/UFRJ, with the aim of developing qualified pipes to transport deepwater oil and gas, especially for the pre-salt reservoirs at Offshore Brazil. This article reviewed most of the research done in recent years (2002–2012) on the buckling, collapse and buckle propagation of SP, which emphasized on the development of theoretical, experimental and numerical methods adopted to analyze such structural behavior of SP with different core materials. The main mechanical and thermal properties of the previously considered core materials were also given, together with the elastoplastic constitutive model for each material. The experimental and numerical results of collapse and buckle propagation under external pressure for SP were summarized. A general discussion of the mechanical failure modes of SP under external pressure was also provided. Besides, some suggestions for future work on collapse behavior and buckle propagation of SP were given.

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